recommended 17/18
Lilly Lulay / Thomas Albdorf / Nadja Bournonville 

This booklet has been published to mark the first exhibitions to take place as part of the fellowship recommended. The publication includes critical texts by Celina Lunsford (Artistic Director Fotografie Forum Frankfurt) on Lilly Lulay's work, Hinde Haest (Curator Foam Fotografiemuseum Amsterdam) on Thomas Albdorf's work and Ingo Taubhorn (Curator House of Photography / Deichtorhallen Hamburg) on Nadja Bournonville's work. The publication also includes images from each artist's latest project realized during the fellowship recommended and interviews or statements by/with the fellows.

Texts Thomas Albdorf, Nadja Bournonville, Prof. Dr. Dirk Luckow, Marcel Feil, Hinde Haest, Olaf Kreuter, Lilly Lulay, Celina Lunsford, Ingo Taubhorn
Pages & Illustrations 82 pages, 40 illustrations
Measures 21 x 28 cm
Price 15 €
Language Englisch and German
Design ondesign Patricia Burgetsmaier, Olav Jünke
Published by Olympus Deutschland GmbH, Elisabeth Claußen-Hilbig, Olaf Kreuter; Hamburg, 2018

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Prefaces of all partners involved in the fellowship recommended.

Texts by the curators on the new art works of the fellows.

Images of the new work realized during the fellowship term in 2017.

Personal statements of the artists on their group of works.

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