Thomas Albdorf

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“The images we consume shape the world surrounding us more and more as the photographic “shots” we see determine our reading and understanding of what reality is. My Instagram feed is not separated from my existence; it is something that informs my ‘self’. My key question is: If these images are slowly losing touch with reality; if the representative operational mode of photography, its indexicality, which it has maintained despite all forgeries and decontextualisation since its birth, is given up and we are confronted with images that are only loosely – if at all – linked to something physical; if these images are constructed by means of ideologically informed software, which only allows the creation of tableaus from already existing images, increasingly automated and without human influence – will we still be able to see, to discover?”

Thomas Albdorf

Thomas Albdorf_Very Beautiful Stuff at the Local Gift Shop
‘Very Beautiful Stuff at the Local Gift Shop! (1)’ (Dessert, Still Life, Drink / Spoof: Unlikely), 2018, © Thomas Albdorf
Flowers Were Waiting On The Balcony Of The Room, So Beautiful!, 2018, © Thomas Albdorf
Thomas Albdor, We Went to a Crate
‘We Went To A Crater’ (Geological Phenomenon, Sea, Smoke, Volcanic Landform / Spoof: Unlikely), 2018, © Thomas Albdorf
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Thomas Albdorf

Thomas Albdorf was born in Austria in 1982 and currently lives and works in Vienna. He studied Transmedia Art at the University of Applied Arts, Vienna, where he graduated in 2013. British Journal of Photography selected him as „Ones to Watch“ in 2014 and he won the UNSEEN Amsterdam Talent Award in 2016. He was featured in magazines like FOAM Magazine, British Journal of Photography, Interview Magazine and many more.

Thomas Albdorf‘s main interest focuses on the contemporary status quo of the photographic image and the decontextualization caused by internet distribution. The basic photograph does not officiate as an enclosed image rather than a space of possibilities and probabilities, primarily enabled via digital post production processes that often leave their visible marks in the final work.

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Curator’s Statement

Evocative images and a strong conceptual approach complement each other in the work of Thomas Albdorf. He seamlessly layers a wide range of materials and techniques to form a coherent narrative. His images stretch traditional photographic genres and form a commentary of the changing role of the image.

Hinde Haest
Curator Foam Fotografiemuseum Amsterdam

© Photo: Foam

Selected Publications

General View | published by Skinnerboox, May 2017
I Know I Will See What I Have Seen Before | FOAM Magazine #44 "On Earth"
I Know I Will See What I Have Seen Before | Lodret Vandret (out of print), September 2015

Selected Exhibitions

General View | Webber Gallery Space, London / UK, 2017 
General View | DELI Gallery, NY / USA, 2017 
When Rainbows Melt into Hills | DELI Gallery, NY / USA, 2015 
Oh Fail, You Beauty | Fotogalerie Wien, Vienna / Austria

Exhibition view, works from the series „General View“, DELI Gallery, 2017 © Thomas Albdorf

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