Fotografie Forum Frankfurt

recommended: Lilly Lulay | Nadja Bournonville | Thomas Albdorf

1 December 2018 – 3 February 2019

Fotografie Forum Frankfurt is presenting the works of the recommended artists Lilly Lulay, Nadja Bournonville and Thomas Albdorf. New works that were created during the one-year fellowship recommended in 2017.

Lilly Lulay addresses the topic of how smartphone integration has changed photography’s functions and appearance. In parallel, she examines how photography is dealt with in our living spaces.

Nadja Bournonville’s grandmother’s aunt was a luckless spy during World War I. Why do we decide to do something, well knowing that this will lead us into a hopeless situation?

Can artificially created images still lead to increased knowledge? The starting point of Thomas Albdorf’s work is the fact that nowadays software and artificial intelligence can be employed to produce images without requiring an existing original.

Fotografie Forum Frankfurt
Braubachstraße 30-32
60311 Frankfurt

Opening hours: Tue 11 am – 6 pm, Wed 11 am – 8 pm, Thu – Sun 11 am – 6 pm
Admission: 6 €/reduced 3 €
Opening: Fri 30 November 2018

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Nadja Bournonville

Thomas Albdorf