Lilly Lulay


Liquid Portrait, fbarchive19012016, (sculpture), 2016, found footage, © Lilly Lulay, © Photo: Camilo Brau
They were here # 2, 2016, © Lilly Lulay, © Photo: Frithjof Kjer
o.T. painting, (detail), 2015, found footage, © Lilly Lulay, © Photo: Camilo Brau
Sundowner at the beach, recurring cycles, 2016, © Lilly Lulay, © Photo: Frithjof Kjer
Hearsay evidence (detail), 2014, © Lilly Lulay, © Photo: Mathias Windelberg
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Lilly Lulay

Lilly Lulay born 1985 in Frankurt, studied photography, sculpture and media sociology in Germany and France. In 2012 she recieved the Deutsche Börse-HfG photography prize, in 2013 the Künstlerhilfe Frankfurt working stipend and in 2016 the IEPA residency and production grant. With her work Lulay examines photography as a technique that forms an integral part of daily life. She investigates on the influence that photographic media have (had) on social behaviour and mechanisms of individual and collective perception. Lulay processes photographic images manually, by using a variety of techniques, that range from cropping to embroidery, from installation to collage. Her works have been shown in group and solo shows in Europe and the US and form part of public collections such as George Eastman Museum, Deutsche Börse Photography Foundation, Fondazione Fotografia Modena and Artothèques in France.

Curator’s Statement

For some artists, photography is not just creating a two-dimensional representation. The ideas for creating new work are born out of reflecting how the medium influences everyday life and the different ways that photographs are printed and used. By choosing Frankfurt based artist Lilly Lulay we were drawn to her experimental approach and distinct ways of observation. She often makes photographs of a particular place, landscape or identity and combines found images, which she dissects to make intriguing sculptures, collages and installations. In total her work investigates society’s relationships to history and environment formed by the visual codes of our collective memory.

Celina Lunsford
Curator Fotografie Forum Frankfurt

Selected Publications

IEPA#01 | On Traces and Tides, Lilly Lulay, Basis FFM/Nekatoenea AIR catalogue, 2017
A Matter of Memory | George Eastmann Museum, Rochester NY, 2016
Mindscapes | Revolver publishing, Berlin, 2016
Circulation(s) | festival of young european photography, Bec en l‘ air, Paris, 2016

Selected Exhibitions

Out of Office | MKK Museum für Konkrete Kunst, Ingolstadt, 2017
A Matter of Memory | George Eastman Museum, Rochester, New York, 2016
Circulation(s) | festival of young european photography, 104, Paris, 2016
Contemporary Photography from North-Western Europe | Fondazione Fotografia di Modena, 2015

Exhibition in Paris Métro, works from the series „Mindscapes, Circulation(s), 2016 © Lilly Lulay

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